• Allen Eood is our sales office in EU while production is in our factory in Bursa/Turkiye. Our vision is to give good service to our business partners with compatible prices.
  • Our main productions are upholstery fabric in flat/velvet woven in 142 cm and sofa cover (Ριχτάρια) in 175 cm width with fringes by Jacquard&dobby machines.
  • We have innovation fabrics possibilities as Waterproofe, inherit Flame retardant, UV protection, easy clean etc.
  • Since we have selling possibility WITHOUT 'VAT & CUSTOMS DUTIES' to EU customers besides our production, we are trading Regenarated Cotton/PES, Wool/PAC and Funcional yarns and some Home Textile producs. (All custom duties and VAT are paid by Allen in Bulgaria and European customers have goods with no any taxes)
  • If its required we have shipment possiblity directly to door of customers in EU.
  • We wish to see you as our business partners...
  • Our Inherent Flame Retardant velvet can pass from these tests;
  • U.S.A ,
    • NFPA 701: This standard establishes test methods to assess the propagation of flame of various textiles and films under specified fire test conditions.


    • BS 5867 Part 2 (1993) Type B: British standard applicable to flame-retardant window curtains, blinds and drapes.
    • BS 5852: 1979 Part 1: British standard applicable to the match and cigarette-testing of flame-retardancy in upholstery fabrics.


    • NF P 92-503, NF P 92-504, NF P 92-505 standard tests for M1 certification.