Outdoor Fabric

These fabrics are 100% Polyester dyed in with UV protection in 7-8 Grade in BSEN ISO 105-B02. They are waterproffe and if requared can be with membrane back coating for not to water influence back of fabric.

Light (BS EN 105-B02) GRADE 7-8

Weathering (BS EN ISO 105-B04) GRADE 5

Pool Water (BS EN ISO 105-E03) Colour Change (20-50mg/lt) 4-5

Sea Water (BS EN ISO 105-E02) Colour Change / Staining 4-5

Washing (BS EN ISO 105-C06 - 40 C) Colour Change / Staining 4-5

Rubbing (BS EN ISO 105-X12) Dry/Wet 4-5